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New to Germany?

New to Germany and need help with learning the language? We offer one-on-one classes which allow for you to learn at your own pace and to focus on the topics that are of interest to you. Sign up today! 

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In need of better grades?

You just received your grades for the first half of the year - feel free to contact us, we will help you with English, French or Latin. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

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We are in search for more members of our team for German, English and French. If you are interested, please contact us for more information. 

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We are in search for new lecturers/teachers (f/m/d) for English and/or French. 

  • tutoring in companies 

  • Adult education - private or business 

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Teaching English

Home Education

Covid-19 restrictions?

We offer online-, Private or group courses for all age groups and language levels. Learn a new language comfortably from your own home or support your child at school. We offer fair prises, flexible hours and offer a variety of course packages. 

Distance Learning


We are now also offering Chinese course. You can find more information about the language course under the “Language courses” tab.

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