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English A1 - C2

“English is not the yellow form the egg, but it goes.”

We are here, so that this sentence won’t become your motto! 


Why learn English? The answer is simple: In todays globalised world it is impossible to image a world without English whether its in the private or the business sector. 

There are over 6000 different actively spoken languages on this plant, but English is and will remain the most important language in international communication, science, business, technology, entertainment and politics. Even our every day lives are influenced by the English language. 


bellLINGUA offers a wide range of langue courses and teaches each individual participant, from beginner courses to language courses up to level C2 including business English. You can choose between individual lessons and various different types of groups in order to improve your language skills. 


What makes us different? 


Business does not equal business and we understand that. Through our flexible course structures we are able to cover many different focus areas like Engineering, customer service, finance and human resources. Our vision is to fulfil our clients (students) wishes to sound natural, confident and professional in communication and correspondence. 

Like Mark Twain once said: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Because: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin. 

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