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Meet the team




My fascination for languages ​​and foreign countries began with my first French exchange in the 7th grade. From then on I went to France every year.

I still love going there today, plus England, Italy, Australia and so many more countries. I started my professional career in the hotel industry in England. Back in Germany, I worked as a general manager assistant with considerable travel in several international companies for many years.

Then started a family and it was clear that returning to my “old” professional environment would no longer be possible. But my passion for languages, foreign countries and cultures remained! So in 2006 I founded bellLINGUA with the aim of teaching adults and students English and French for their private lives as well as for work. 

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Christina (or just Tina)

My passion, in addition to many sporting activities, is children! My life was very enriched by my 5-year stay abroad in the USA together with the whole family. Not only that, but it also sparked in me the enthusiasm to introduce kindergarten and elementary school children to the English language with a focus on taking away their fear of speaking. Since 2017 I have been teaching at bellLINGUA with all my heart following the motto "Learning with all your senses". Playful, singing, creative, interactive and lots of fun while learning!



I was born and raised in the metropolis of Mexico City. My passion for teaching began while I was studying architecture at the University of Mexico City, where I then worked as a lecturer for a number of years. As life went on, I moved from Mexico to Mehrstetten in 2002 for love – at first a big contrast.

In the meantime, the Swabian Alb has become my "new" home, and I was all the more pleased when bellLINGUA opened up the opportunity in 2012 not only to teach my mother tongue, but also to give my students a closer look at the fascinating country of Mexico and what the

South American culture brings. ¡Aprendamos español!

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Originally I from Canada. My eventful and travel-loving life so far - in the truest sense of the word - has taken me to every continent on earth except Antarctica. I've lived in Australia, Ghana and Kenya, and in my free time I've climbed Africa's highest mountain, worked for the Vancouver Olympics and sailed across the Atlantic. It led me to Germany in 2018 for personal reasons. Now I've arrived in calmer waters, but I'm still on the move in my free time with hiking, yoga and diving. I've been part of the bellLINGUA team since 2019 and teach English groups of all ages.

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Although I was born in the Swabian Alb, I emigrated to Guanghzhou, China with my parents at the end of kindergarten and grew up there. I spent my entire school days in an English-speaking environment and also learned Chinese at the same time. Shaped by the different cultures at school and through our vacation trips around Asia, I wanted to travel to other countries. My adventure continued in 2014 when I went to study in Milan and started my professional life there. I went back home to the Swabian Alb in 2019 to continue my career from there. I have been part-time at bellLINGUA since 2020 and teach Business & Technical English and Chinese to our corporate clients.




Even though I'm the youngest (but the longest 😉) in the team, I grew up with English as my second mother tongue. Of course, foreign languages ​​were always my favorite subjects when I was at school and I completed both the Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English and the DELF certificate in French. The longing to live in a foreign country and attend a purely English-speaking school made me travel to New Zealand for six months at the age of 16 to visit Kapiti College near Wellington and to get to know the country and its people . I came back with great enthusiasm and endless impressions and experiences and I already know today that I want to go abroad to study after I graduate in 2022. But until then, I would like to help students learn English and inspire their enthusiasm for it.

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We might meet and talk, but soon we will meet and talk. I am passionate about teaching German. I was born in Laichingen but grew up in northern Germany, where I learned good standard German. Even at school I loved dealing with languages ​​and I liked being in the company of foreign friends.

So I thought that DaF (German as a foreign language) and linguistics were suitable subjects for me. I then studied this at the University of Bielefeld and am still happy about my choice to this day. I spent my first year of teaching in Turkey and later lived in Israel for a while. I've been back on the Alb for four years and I enjoy teaching German courses at different levels. If you want to improve your German, then please come by.

I’m looking forward to meeting you! 




Hello, I'm Isabel. My foreign language journey began with learning English at the young age of 4. And where did I start this adventure? At the bellLINGUA language school, of course! This early introduction to the English language helped develop my passion for languages. During my high school years I also learned French and Latin. I enjoyed learning languages ​​so much that in 2018 I decided to learn Spanish as well - again at bellLINGUA! 👩‍🏫


In 2021 I graduated from high school and in October I started my studies in "Mathematics and Biology to become a teacher for grammar schools" in Tübingen. Because of my uninterrupted enthusiasm for languages I added French as an additional subject. I've been teaching English, French and Latin here since 2021, which I really enjoy and it also gives me a great opportunity to gain professional experience.

I look forward to you all! 😊



From cold Siberia to Germany... Growing up in a big city in Siberia, I discovered my love for the German language and culture during my school days and then studied philology of the German language. In order to improve my language skills, I traveled to Germany as an Au Pair in 2008, where I stayed because of love... 😊 I have been teaching German at different levels with enthusiasm for over 11 years, have BAMF approval for literacy courses, integration courses and professional language courses for adults. As a non-native speaker, I am very familiar with the difficulties that German learners encounter. And if I've learned the language, then you can too! 😉


Let's discover the beauty of the German language together and find our way through the grammar jungle! I’m eager to meet you. 🤗



Hello, I'm Andrea. Languages ​​open doors. 🚪 The English language opened a door that is still very important to me today, or rather, a big gate: to New York. 🗽 There I spent a great Au Pair year right after high school, attended college and passed the TOEFL test. Ultimately, however, it was my wonderful host family who really made the English language come alive for me. As a travel agent, flight attendant, avid reader of English novels and passionate traveler, English accompanies me through my everyday work and my free time and to this day opens doors and gates to people and new countries. 🌎


I know from my own experience what it means to struggle through tricky phases when you are young – which is why I particularly enjoy working with children and young people. Giving them English as a door opener on their path in life, conveying self-confidence and helping them to master exams is important to me. And since adults can always conquer new horizons with languages, I am also enthusiastic about giving courses at companies. 😊


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